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שאלות ותשובות
כל האמור לעיל הינו תחת תקנון האתר  (יש להתייחס לכל האמור מטה כתכשיטים בעלי התאמות אישיות)

  • What are the lengths of the existing chains?
    Standard lengths with no extra charge: 42 cm - 16.5 inches 45 cm - 17.7 inches Standard lengths with extra charge: 50 cm - 19.7 inches 55 cm - 21.6 inches
  • Is there a difference in the length of the chains between silver and gold?
  • If I want to change the length of the chain, do I have to pay extra?
    Depends on the request. If you want to shorten the length of the chain, there will be no extra charge. If you want to lengthen an existing chain, the additional payment depends on the requested length increase and the material from which the chain is made according to the weight of the material that must be added to the chain.
  • Is it possible to choose the length of the chain I want to buy?
    Yes and no. There is a standard length that we send with the jewellery. There are two standard lengths from which you can choose (42 cm - 16.5 inches and 45 cm - 17.7 inches), the request must be specified at the time of purchase. Any purchase that will not specify desired chain length, will include a chain according to one of the lengths listed above. Any special request, such as a longer chain or special custom length, will require additional charge.
  • If I change the length of the necklace and I don't like it, can I return it?
    No. Any modification, adjustments or customizing of a piece of jewellery from the original design cannot be returned.
  • When I buy a pendant, do I also get a necklace with it?
    Yes. When purchasing a pendant, you receive a chain from the main material the pendant is made of.
  • Is it possible to change the material from which the jewelry is made?
    Yes. Any piece of gold jewellery can be made from silver and vice versa. It is also possible to create combination jewellery (silver and gold).
  • Is it possible to replace the gemstone/diamond embedded in the jewelry?
    Yes. Each request is priced according to the cost of the requested stone.
  • Can the jewelry be engraved?
    Depends. Generally, the answer is yes. yet, the engraving depends on the design of the jewellery. If there is not enough space to engrave the piece, we may not be able to help.
  • What font can be engraved on the jewelry?
    There are two options: 1. In Roei’s handwriting - no extra charge. 2. By laser - the cost of engraving is per character.
  • Can the ring size be changed?
    Yes. See size guide bellow.
  • Does changing a ring size cost money?
    Depends. To downsize, no. To sizeup depends on the material the ring is made of and the weight of the material to be added to the ring.
  • Is it possible to choose yellow/white/red gold?
    Yes. with additional charge.
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