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Roy Abgi is an Israeli goldsmith

Roy Ivgi was born in Rosh Pina, a small town in the Upper Galilee, not far from Safed. He discovered his love for jewelry at a young age, when he found himself drawn to the aesthetics and beauty of gems.

From there he embarked on a journey that would make him a skilled jeweler and goldsmith.


The first steps in the world of jewelry

In the beginning, Roy studied the field independently. Only later did he work in a jewelry and gems factory. In 2000, he enrolled for the first time in professional studies at the goldsmithing department of Tel Hai Academic College.

In 2001 he started his advanced studies at Maziar - the School of Jewelry Arts in Ramat Gan. Accompanied by master Maziar Yeshuron (Ezer Adibi), he studied classic and modern jewelry design, including techniques for producing carved and wax models. After graduating with honors, he continued to study with Mezier, mastering the fine art of setting diamonds and gemstones.


From a home business to a real studio

Already at the beginning of his professional career, Roy established a shop in his private home. There he began to express his skills as a goldsmith and jewelry designer. Two years later, he was ready to open his own studio. He wanted to stay in the area where he grew up and found the perfect location in Rosh Pina.

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