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In Israel - delivery by courier to your doorstep with Israel Postal company.


Outside of Israel - delivery by courier service to your doorstep.


All deliveries will be shipped within 14 business days (about 3 calendar weeks).


* custom-made jewellery may have different delivery time. *


In store pick up – your purchase can be collected directly from our studio by appointment during regular business hours.


Shipping and returns

Ship anywhere in Israel by courier to your doorstep, or pick up in store by appointment.

Delivery time - shipments will be sent within 14 business days (about 3 calendar weeks).

For custom jewellery delivery time may vary.

Shipping cost – none, free shipping.

See full shipping policy in the website's terms and conditions.

You can return an unused item within 7 days, in its original packaging and with the original receipt, and receive a refund with a deduction of 5% of the transaction value.

This return policy does not apply to custom-made or personalized jewellery, including gemstone type change and engraving on the jewellery.

Downpayments for customized or personalized orders will not be refunded.

In all other cases we will act according to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law of 1981 and the regulations amended by it. The law can be viewed on the government website:

Contact us for any questions

The most important thing to us is that you are happy! We are here for you, and you are welcome to reach out to us on WhatsApp, email or phone for any question and we will be happy to provide an answer.



Jewelry warranty is for 12 months from date of purchase.


company warranty does not cover dislocation of a diamond and/or other gemstone from the jewellery, except for the dislocation of a diamond and/or other gemstone weighing up to 0.05 carat during the warranty period only.


Company warranty does not include damage and/or scratches that will appear on the jewellery as a result of use.


Under warranty, the customer is entitled to ring sizing and one size adjustment only.


Under warranty, the customer is entitled to professional cleaning and reinforcement free of charge.

After the warranty period, this service will be provided for a small fee.


Ring size guide

* Orders can be made in using all sizing methods. Chosen method must be specified while placing the order.

* See international size chart bellow.

* The use of the size guide is the sole responsibility of the user subject to site terms of use.


There are 2 measurement options:

★ Go to the nearest jewellery store and ask to use the gauge they have.

★ Measuring the diameter of the ring -


1. take a ruler and a ring of the desired size.

2. Put the ring on the ruler as shown in picture.

3. compare the outcome diameter to the table below (diameter = the straight line crossing the ring from one end to the other).

WhatsApp Image 2024-01-03 at 12.16.26.jpeg

Terms of use

The website "" is operated and managed by Roei Evgi, Registered company number 052689346 is used for online trade for the purchase of products by the surfers and users of the website.

- As part of the use of the site's services, the user is required to disclose personal details to the company, including name, address, phone and email. These details are kept by the company in the customer database and are used for internal needs and future communication with customers. Additional details, such as credit card details, are required for billing purposes only and are not kept by the company.

- When using the website, data may be collected about the user’s use of the website, including products the user was interested in, pages that were viewed, products purchased, etc.

- The details will not be transferred to a third party.

The provider of the online trading platform is wix - privacy policy

Website terms of use


1.1. We thank you for choosing to enter the website (hereinafter: "the website"), which serves as a catalog and jewelry store.

1.2. The site is owned by the company Roei Evgi, registered company number 052689346 (hereinafter: "the company").

1.3. This article is intended to regulate the relationship between the users and/or consumers of the website and the company.

1.4. You are requested to read these regulations carefully as your rights and obligations are determined by them.

1.5. By browsing the site and ordering products through it, you give your consent and unconditionally accept and what is stated in these terms, including the site's privacy policy; You also give your consent that you and/or anyone on your behalf will not have any claim against the company and/or anyone on its behalf other than claims related to the violation of their obligations according to these regulations.

1.6. The site and the company reserve the right to change the terms from time to time, at their sole discretion, and without the need to provide any warning and/or advance notice. The consumer will not have any claims against the site and/or the company for such a change. The date of application of the change will be the date the new version of terms was first updated on the website, and any action performed on the website after such publication, will be subject to the updated terms.

1.7. The website, with all the content that appears on it, is offered to the public and the user as it is (AS IS). The company's intention is that the content appearing on the website will be correct and accurate, however, despite this, it is possible that the content is incomplete and alternatively, there may have been technical or other errors in the content.

1.8. In any case of a contradiction between what is stated in these terms and another publication, what is stated in these terms will prevail.


Conditions for purchase on the website

2.1. The purchase through the website is pemited only to those who have an active e-mail address, a valid ID and a valid credit/ debit card.

2.2. The company and/or the site administrators and/or anyone on their behalf may inhibit the participation of a user at any time, either temporarily or permanently, based on their sole discretion and without prior notice. Without deviating from the above, the company and/or the website administrators and/or anyone on their behalf may inhibit the participation of a user in any of the following cases:

* If incorrect information was intentionally provided.

* If the surfer has committed an act or omission that harms or may harm the company and/or the website administrators or anyone on their behalf or any third parties, including other users and/or suppliers.

* If the credit card you provided has been declined or restricted in any way.

* If the contents on the site are misused.

2.3. The product images are for illustration purposes only and differences may be found between the image and the sold product, including variations in color.

2.4. The company will be entitled, at its absolute discretion, and at any time (without prior notice), to discontinue a product from the website or to change the terms of sale.

2.5. The purchase of a product is conditioned upon receiving a full and proper order that contains all required details on the website’s computer system, and on approval from the credit company. The company will disregard inquiries that were not received in the system or that were received without providing all the necessary details or that were received in an incorrect manner (whatever the reason may be); The Company will not bear any responsibility on the count of those.

2.6. For each product offered for sale, a sales page will be displayed that includes the details of the offered product and its price in shekels including VAT. In order to complete the order, you must enter the details of the payment method on the secure clearing page. If you do not wish to enter the payment details on the aforementioned secure page, you can place an order by phone call directly to Roei’s cell phone - 050-7434051.

FYI: Providing false information is a criminal offense and the person who does so is subject to criminal and civil legal proceedings.

An order will complete only after receiving notice from the credit company confirming the transaction. This confirmation will be sent to the email address provided during the ordering process.

In the event that the transaction was declined by the credit company you will receive appropriate notification, and in order to complete your purchase, you will be required to contact Roei Evgi (050-7434051) to arrange the approval of the credit company and complete the transaction. If such approval was not attained within 5 business days from the date of declination notification, the company will be entitled to cancel the order and it is agreed that you will not have any claim against the company for this.

Date of delivery will be determined only after the transaction has been approved by the credit card company.

2.7. In any case that the credit company declines the purchase, use of the credit card or refuses to honor your obligations, the purchase will be canceled.

Shipments and delivery

3.1. in store pick up is available by appointment at our studio - Old Rosh Pina, the "restoration site".

3.2. Delivery will be made within 14 business days from the date of order and payment confirmation. Customized jewelry may have a different delivery time.

3.3. Free shipping on all product purchases nationally and internationally.

3.4. The studio is not responsible for delays in the delivery of the product due to circumstances beyond its control, including force majeure, strikes, embargoes and technical and/or other malfunctions of the courier company.

  3.5. International shipping - if there is a fee or customs cost in the country to which the product is sent, the payment of the tax cost is the responsibility of the customer and will not be paid in any way by the company or anyone on its behalf.


4.1. The company takes common practice precautions in order to maintain, as much as possible, the confidentiality of the information and uses the highest security standards in order to maintain as much as possible the confidentiality of the information and the privacy of its customers. However, in the event of cases beyond its control and/or resulting from force majeure, the company will not be responsible for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct, caused to the user if this information is lost or if unauthorized use is made of it.

4.2. The company assures that personal details provided as part of the ordering process on the website will not be transferred to other parties.


Cancellations and returns policy

5.1. Cancellation of a purchase will be done in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, 5711 - 1981 and the Consumer Protection (Transaction Cancellation) Regulations, 5711 - 2010 (hereinafter: "the Law"), for products to which the law applies, within 7 days of receiving the product, provided that the product has not been used and is in its original packaging.

5.2. Returns/ exchanges of a product will be done by email to: The refund/ exchange request, must include the details of the transaction, the reason for the exchange/ return, as well as full contact details.

5.3. Any exchange of a product, must be approved by the company. Only after such approval has been obtained the customer must deliver the product to the company. The exchange will be made only after the original product has been received and inspected by the company. Only one exchange for each product purchased will be possible.

5.4. exchange of products will be subject to the following consecutive conditions:

5.4.1. The company's inspection revealed that the product was returned in good condition, it was not used in any way and that no changes or replacement of gems and diamonds were made in it. Products that have been altered in any way, including a change in size (measurement), will not be exchanged.

5.4.2. The product was returned in its original packaging along with the original receipt.

5.4.3. The exchange will be issued within 7 business days from the date of original receipt.

5.4.4. the product was not made specifically for the customer and/or a product to which the law does not apply.

5.5. Returns, exchanges and/ or refunds of a custom-made product will not be possible. To be clear, a design from a collection in which special gemstones and/ or diamonds that were purchased especially for the customer and according to their request are embedded will also be considered custom-made.

5.6. The date of transaction cancellation will be considered the date of receiving the notification at the gallery's email address.

5.7. Cancellation of a transaction will be valid only after the confirmation of cancellation has been sent, in a return email from the company, which verifies all the details of the cancellation.

5.8. Cancellation of a transaction in accordance with the provisions of the law and in accordance with the provisions of these regulations, will entitle the customer to a refund deducted 5% of the transaction value.

5.9. Refund for a product purchased at a sale price will be in accordance with the purchase amount (sale amount) and not in accordance with the list price.

5.10. A refund will be issued no later than 7 business days from the date of confirmation of the cancellation and subject to the return of the unused product to the company.

5.11. The company reserves the right to cancel a transaction in the following cases: a technical malfunction occurred that caused incorrect information to be displayed about the product details and/or the purchase, a human error occurred in the presentation of the product details, price, payment terms, etc. In such a case, the customer will be sent an appropriate notice via e-mail.



Jewelry warranty is for 12 months from the date of purchase

6.1. The company may at any time stop, disconnect or limit the activity on the website, in whole or in part, including for the purpose of carrying out maintenance or updates and/or if a typo without malice occurs in product description and/or the terms of sale; This does not and will not hinder liability on the company.

6.2. The company and/or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible and will not be charged for any damage and/or expense and/or loss and/or injury, direct and/or indirect as a result of browsing the website or the inability to browse the website.

6.3. The company and/or anyone on its behalf will not be responsible for websites that contain a link to the website, including the content displayed on them and/or the content of users on the website.

The customer will be entitled to adjust the size of a ring free of charge, only once, during the warranty period.

The company's warranty does not include the dislocation of a diamond and/or other gemstone from the jewelry, with the exception of the dislocation of a diamond and/or other gemstone weighing up to 0.05 carat, for one year from the date of purchase.

The company's warranty does not include damage and/or scratches that will appear on the jewelry as a result of use.

6.4. Customers are entitled to professional jewelry cleaning by the company up to once a year by appointment made via email. Shipping will be at the customer's expense.

The above-mentioned service does not apply to jewelry that was purchased and contains gems set off site (i.e. jewelry only, in which a diamond and/or gemstone is set that were not purchased from the company).


7. Cancellation of a transaction in store

7.1. In the event that the jewelry was physically purchased in store and in accordance with the Consumer Protection Law, a refund will be issued for a purchase that does not exceed 3,000 NIS only, and within 48 hours of the purchase.


7.2. A refund will be made using the same payment method in which the jewelry was purchased.


7.3. Transaction cancellation fee according to law is 5% of the transaction or 100 NIS – the lower of the two.


7.4. For cancellation of a transaction made by credit – an additional processing fee of 3% will be charged.


7.5. The jewelry will be exchanged or returned only in its original packaging and without any signs of use.


7.6. A product containing a diamond/ gemstone will be sent for inspection, and only after confirming its that it is the same original purchased product will a refund be approved.


7.7. Jewelry that was purchased by special order according to the customer's request, jewelry for which diamonds were ordered or chosen according to the customer's request, jewelry that was made according to the customer's custom size will not be returned.


7.8. In the case of jewelry purchased for an amount exceeding NIS 3,000, the company may, at its discretion, allow for store-credit or allow exchange for another piece of jewelry.

Intellectual Property

7.1. Without detracting from the generality of the above, the company is the sole owner of the ideas underlying the site and in each of the activities therein, the names and trademarks of the site, the design of the site, the graphics, trade secrets involved in the operation of the site and the operation of the activities therein and in the content of the site as it will be from time to time (including graphic files and video and audio files).

7.2. You may not copy, change, publish, broadcast, transfer, sell, distribute, reproduce, publicly display or make any commercial use of the protected information and/or any part of it - both directly and indirectly - unless the company's express consent has been received, in advance and in writing.

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